Nightlife Press

"On the Run is a great musical genesis for the album. From heavy drum beats and the plethora of instrumentation that follows, this song will surely take your ears back to the disco-infused era."

- Fostclick 2012

"Nightlife’s Darin Rajabian and Caroline Myrick met in early 2010, bonding over a shared love of Pop music. Together, it is a match made in musical heaven"

-Strangeways Radio 2012

“On The Run” is an addicting song that seems to linger in your head long after the music has stopped. The song itself has a certain level of uniqueness and creativity evoked through it’s dancehall-meets-the-bedroom sound. 

-Stereo/Pirate 2011

NIGHTLIFE's self-titled debut EP features six crystalline gems starting with Our Love which buzzes away discordantly but has melodic stabs and rhythmical triplets keep it immediately accessible. The uplifting Fever mixes the sound of the Orient with a Eurodisco snap while syncopated rhythms punctuate the gorgeous Lightspeed. Dancing Without Me is thrillingly driven by a precise beat and detuned leadline before the sexily pulsating Goodbye lifts with a sweet but fragile high end chorus in the vein of ANNIE. Simmons sounding drums thunder through the EP's closing track Wait and it's a fine example how good ELLIE GOULDING could sound if she wasn't such a folkie and totally embraced an electro based sound.

-The Electricity Club 2011

"These cats are hotter than a grease fire on Taylor Lautner’s nips."


Ann Arbor synth-pop duo Nightlife- namely, Darin Rajabian and Caroline Myrick- just released a ridiculously catchy EP of blissed-out and glossy disco songs. Seriously, guys, it’s really catchy. This is kind of a warning for those of you who don’t enjoy having a song like “Lightspeed” stuck in-between your ears for 48+ hours.

-Mostly Midwest 2011

"On The Run a brilliant song"

-Morceau Du Jour 2011

Throughout all the compositions, Darin's clean, uncluttered arrangements and textures add grandeur where appropriate but allowing space to accentuate Caroline's whispery vocal charms. Currently finishing their debut album, NIGHTLIFE are definitely ones to watch. How refreshing it is to see another Stateside duo who actually know the difference between synths and keyboards!

-The Electricity Club 2011

"This Ann Arbor-based duo goes by the name Nightlife and they rocked the house Saturday at Mittenfest 6"

-Writing With Light 2012

Tonight Press

First, I stumbled upon a 4-track EP, MODERN ROMANCE, by a lovely little synthpop duo called TONIGHT. I was sold the second I listened to the first few measures of the first track, "When Galaxies Form," which is a gorgeous oldskool synth gem which features swirling synths, beautiful vocals, and spaced-out sci-fi lyrics that will immediately have you thinking of Peter Schilling and S.P.O.C.K. Tonight's vocalist ("the chick"—I couldn't find names or any further info on either bandmember) has a lovely, soft voice that has a Blondie-like tonality, but isn't slathered in so much reverb that her vocals become just another instrument in the mix—something that I've seen happening a LOT in synth music lately. Much like Bobby (from last week, remember?), Tonight's music is both danceable and catchy: the beat will definitely get you moving on the dancefloor, but this is not anonymous dance music like most techno (ugh)—the melodies are very memorable, and you most certainly will find yourself singing along while the tracks are playing, and afterword as well. I can't recommend this EP highly enough. It's got something for everyone, because it's a masterpiece of popular music, but will PARTICULARLY appeal to New Wave and space disco enthusiasts, as well as sci-fi geeks and analog-synth afficionados.

-That's My Motherfucking Jam! 2008